why PLUSH?

For many children, the first relationship that they develop outside of their family isn’t with a teacher or a babysitter, but with a special plush-stuffed animal. Plush animals provide children with comfort, companionship, and make agreeable partners. They are the perfect audience, attentive and encouraging. Through these relationships, children learn how to care for someone outside themselves, how to empathize, and how to share. A child can find considerable comfort just by touching and feeling a plush animal. Stroking the soft fabric, holding them close, and cuddling them can significantly reduce the stress of an unfamiliar situation. The sense of security that such a familiar friend evokes can help a child have the courage to face new situations through childhood into their teens.

The SUND pillowcase is made from the highest-grade plush fabric with a hint of spandex (7%). This unique fabric not only helps cradle the athlete’s head but can also be used as a body pillow. The pillow will comfort 18/19yr-olds in a pressurized/competitive NCAA environment. Whether it’s sleeping in a hotel room, traveling on a bus, flying across the country, meditating, or napping in their dorm room SUND will be a soothing companion to the Student-Athlete.