Welcome to SUND

Reduce Stress. Build Resilience. Improve Sleep.

Here are some helpful suggestions:

  1. The SUND smart SLEEVE is Washer/Dryer friendly… Extra Dryer time will make it soft & puffy.
  2. To experience Aromatherapy benefits, dab your favorite essential oil inside the Sleeve. We recommend Peppermint for a post-lunch boost or Lavender to sleep better.
  3. Download the free SUND App.
  4. Experiment with the SUND Apps' different VIBRATION patterns, SPEED bar, and SOUNDS.
  5. Use the HEART ❤ icon on the top right corner to save your favorite SOUND + VIBRATION + SPEED.
  6. Try combining SUND App vibrations with popular Meditation, Music or Audiobook apps like Calm, headspace, Spotify, audible, etc. in an EMF-free environment.
  7. Always TAP the Airplane Mode icon. Turn it ON to stop calls, text, emails & EMF radiation from 5G/WiFi when relaxing.
  8. Turn on SUND vibrations + sounds. Slide the phone into the Sleeve. Embrace it with your Palms against your Sternum or Abs for 20 mins/day. After 2 weeks you should feel more centered.
  9. Week 1, select the STRONG vibration to attune your body the the new sensation.

smart SLEEVE Suggestions