• PATENT ISSUED #US 11,523,965 B2 "Vibrational Muscle Massaging System”
• PATENT PENDING #US 16/997,578
Our patents protect the placement of the smartphone into a slot, pocket, sleeve so that the structure, typically a pillow, juvenile item, or comfort product will allow the vibration & sound of the smartphone to transfer to the user through the structure.
WHO/IARC has classified RF-EMF fields as “possibly carcinogenic to humans”
• Airplane Mode Icon, only on the SUND app, makes it easy to create privacy breaks from calls, texts, & emails. It also eliminates Electro Magnetic Fields (RF-EMF) from 5G, WiFi, & Bluetooth. The majority of Americans sleep within arms reach of their smartphone, which still emit EMF in “Do Not Disturb” mode all night. AirPods, used by many in bed, emit more EMF than the iPhone & sit in the ear canal next to the brain. Our surveys indicate that 2 out of 3 individuals, that meditate daily, are aware of EMF radiation.