Press Release

March 9, 2022

Contact:  Colin Macintosh

World’s First Smartphone Pillow Launches


Santa Monica, California. A Santa Monica husband-wife team have created SUND, the first and only smartphone pillow. Now everyone can enjoy listening to music, audiobooks, podcasts, ASMR, and meditation APPs in bed. SUND’s patented technology was further advanced by leading pillow OEMs, APP developers, and sound engineers from the music industry. The innovative materials/fabrics efficiently transfer sound while immersing the head into cradled comfort.
The pillow ends headphone fatigue, stops earbud pain, eliminates Blue Light, lessens EMF/UHF, and is quiet for bed partners.

A competing bedding executive described it as “the softest pillow they have felt in 20yrs”. It’s machine wash/dry friendly, customizable and comes with a comfortably rumpled 100% organic cotton cover.

Fall asleep faster, while experiencing a deeper, better sleep.

About SUND

By leveraging the smartphone, SUND has designed the most relaxing pillow ever. The phones acoustics, haptic gears, audio apps, and our free SUND app creates an amazing experience. Our buttery soft pillow has unique rounded edges, plush quilt-like fabric & innovative technology that prioritizes comfort, sound, customization, and cleanliness.