Expert Testimonials

“The most comfortable pillow I’ve ever felt in over 20 years in the bedding industry. We manufacture pillows for all the majors and none use spandex to cradle the head like SUND pillow does”
- Sr. Executive, Innovative Bedding Solutions, pillow mfg

“SUND combines soft, responsive plush with light/airy down alternative fill to create the most unique pillow on the market. We've been manufacturing pillows for 25 years and there isn't anything on the market like it.”

- Serrano brothers, owners. Specialty Mattress & Pillow, pillow mfg

“10 out of 10 on the comfort scale! We give it an 11 for sound quality. The most innovative pillow we’ve ever manufactured”
- Rosa R., Five Star Pillow, pillow mfg

“SUNDs sound quality is on par with my headphones and earbuds. By far the most comfortable way to listen to music in bed”
- Jimmy S, Sound Engineer to the music industry.

“The SUND apps gentle vibrations and soothing sounds calm even the fussiest babies. We love it!”
- Karen Barski RN, owner & founder of Woombie

“The pillow wraps around my ears creating a cocoon of nature sounds and lite vibrations that eases me into afternoon naps. Several of my students are enjoying the Headspace & Calm meditation apps with their SUND pillow”
- Michele M, owner/teacher, GroundUp Yoga

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