When using the SUND pillow always use the AIRPLANE MODE Trigger on the SUND app, this eliminates EMF from ultra-high radio frequency waves.

AIRPLANE MODE also stops the annoying buzz from texts, calls, & emails.
It turns your communication device (iPhone) into a non-communication device (iPod).

Leading audio apps like Spotify, Audible, Calm, etc all work in AIRPLANE MODE.

Apple AirPods and EMF – how bad are they?

An independent test revealed that Apple AirPods emit approximately 10X the EMF when on a phone call VS. holding an iPhone next to your ear.  You also may not realize that the AirPods are transmitting EMF all the time – even when you are not listening to music! Of course, you would expect them to transmit Bluetooth EMF when you are speaking on a phone call, but EMF is also transmitted non-stop while you listen to music and even when you are not doing anything! Most concerning is the no buffer zone between the AirPods/earbuds  & the brain when they are jammed into the ear canal.



The SUND pillow lets you listen to your favorite music, audiobook, & meditation apps in Airplane Mode. This eliminates UHF, Bluetooth, WiFi and greatly lessens EMF.

Note: wireless headphones, earbuds, AirPods, & sleep headbands can NOT be put into Airplane Mode.


Bluetooth Headphones >>> EMF

Bluetooth radiation is one of the least discussed forms of
electromagnetic fields. The lack of any formal studies has led industry “experts” to conclude that they are safe. Bluetooth headsets are earbuds that mimic miniature Wi-Fi routers. These hands-free devices use radio waves (RF) instead of cables to connect to a smartphone, cell phone, or PC. These RF frequencies are classified as low-energy emissions. But, a lot of recent research proves that even at these low levels, RF radiation is still capable of inducing a host of adverse effects on human biological systems. Some of these include neurological damage and DNA fragmentation, which can lead to headaches, ADHD, biological effects, Tinnitus, etc.


Most importantly, consider where Bluetooth headphones are most of the time. You place them directly in/on your ear. This means that even if Bluetooth devices operate at lower radiation intensities, the contact time between the EMF and your brain tissue is elevated. ALSO have you ever stopped to think about the contents of your head? It makes for the perfect antenna since it is filled with lots of salty fluid and conductive tissue, which are ideal for sending and receiving electrochemical signals.