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After delivery, run the SUND pillow in a warm dryer for 15-20 mins to fluff. We also suggest you wash/dry the organic cotton cover before use. Watch our video here.
The SUND pillow weighs 60% less than the same-sized standard pillow. The stretchy pillowcase lets you stuff it into carry-on luggage, duffle bags, or backpacks. The pillow will be by your side on long bus trips & flights. SUND also replaces bulky, unhygienic hotel pillows that have been shared by 100s of guests before you. You'll always have a clean, comfortable, & customized pillow on every road trip.
Watch our video here.
Please use AIRPLANE MODE (see below) to stop the annoying buzz from texts, calls, & emails all night. Airplane Mode basically turns your communication device (iPhone) into a non-communication device (iPod). Alarm & leading audio apps like Spotify, Audible, Calm, etc all work in Airplane Mode.

AIRPLANE MODE eliminates ultra-high radio frequency (UHF) waves & lowers electromagnetic field (EMF) waves. Most APPs let you download or access their content while in AIRPLANE MODE. Please check before boarding your flight ;) We recommend going to your smartphone SETTINGS to turn Airplane Mode ON, turn WiFi & Personal Hotspot to OFF. Combining that with “Do Not Disturb” + a sleep timer, will reduce/eliminate EMF/UHF in bed…Please note, Bluetooth earbuds/headphones/sleep bands emit UHF + EMF waves.

Watch our video here
Most popular apps have a clock/sleep timer. When going to bed, set the timer, so the phone turns off while you drift away to sleep.
The iPhone clicks to 16 sound settings ranging from silence (0) to very loud (16). SUNDs acoustic friendly fabrics permit you to clearly listen to the phones first 2-3 settings without disturbing your bed partner. Before settling in, please experiment with your preferred volume level.
When activating any APP, let it play, then press the sleep/wake button (top right side of phone) to turn off screen before sliding into the pillow. The app should continue to play even when the screen is off. This will eliminate blue light and save battery life. Blue light emitted from phone, tablet, computer, and TV screens drain our melatonin which impacts our ability to fall and stay asleep.
Slide your phone in horizontally so you can benefit from the two speakers on the top/bottom of the phone. Then zip up so it doesn’t slide out.
The pillow is great for side sleepers that don’t want to irritate their ears with earbuds/headphones. Sleeping on your side is the best position for your health. It is better for blood circulation, digestion (especially when sleeping on the left side), reduces acid reflux, & helps alleviate symptoms of snoring & sleep apnea.
Many Chiropractors recommend cradling a pillow in your arms & legs when side sleeping. The SUND pillow is light/springy, conforms to our bodies & easily moves with us as we shift around at night. We include extra alternative down fill to make your SUND pillow slightly larger.
Download the SUND app for free. Experiment with different vibrations, speeds & sounds. The sounds help you drift to sleep when using the pillow for your head. The vibrations are great when using SUND as a body pillow. Once you find a vibration, speed, & sound combination you love, use the HEART icon to save them to the FAVORITES screen. Watch our video here.
Many pillows that are filled with feathers, down, kapok or memory foam are “spot clean” only. These pillow cores will get heavier after a year due to drool and sweat seepage. They also can accumulate dust mites, dead skin, and allergens, YUCK! On the other hand, the SUND pillow is specifically designed to be 100% machine wash/dry, hypoallergenic, and bacteria/mildew resistant. It will stay light, springy, clean, and soften over time, so you can rest comfortably. Watch our video here
We recommend you wash the pillow 2X/year. To wash the pillow make sure it’s balanced in the washing machine with another pillow or towel. Select the gentle cycle and use warm water, then add on an extra cold water rinse and spin cycle. Add a small amount of detergent. Pull the mesh pocket out when drying and tumble the pillows dry with heat, fluffing and turning them often. To help keep pillows plump, toss in a few dryer balls. Stop the dryer a few times throughout the cycle to fluff them and break up lumps by hand. You may need to run the pillow through the dryer twice.
When you receive your pillow, it will come tightly packed in a no-frills, poly mailer bag (aren’t we all tired of breaking down bulky Amazon cardboard and fitting it into our recyclables bin???). The poly mailer helps with shipping efficiency, lessens our cardboard footprint, can be re-used with other products or easily disposed of in a recyclables bin. We also purposely add no printed SUND paper fliers to our packages. Everything you need to know about the SUND pillow can be found on our website or send us a question from the comment section.
Can I charge my phone while it's inside the pillow?
No, never charge your phone while it's inside the pillow.